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We all took a wrong turn at Albuquerque

Today companies decide what tools you will use and the manner in which you use them, and are driven by profit, not progress. And here’s why I find that at least a little demoralizing. Because the real secret they won’t … Continue reading

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Isolated in a Web of One


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Flash Abuse

Today I happened across the following website What’s behind all those flash blocked objects you may ask? Clickable Images! WTF!? What’s wrong with IMG and A tags? Flash Abuse has definitely rotted some web designers brain completely out.

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LinkedIn has jumped the shark

Having trouble reading that text? I certainly am… partly due to my eyes not being 100% but also the site isn’t respecting my browser’s minimum font size settings. You can’t even scale the fonts manually in the browser. Want to … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with my font sizes

WTF, Safari? Or is it LinkedIn doing something bad with javascript? That certainly isn’t 12 point. More like 3 point. I can’t read that shit.

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