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Changing VMWare Fusion 8’s vmnet1 and vmnet8 networking

I had a problem where I was unable to access some machines in the datacenter on subnet from my OS X work machine. Turns out vmnet8 was conflicting with the same subnet located at the Datacenter. vmnet8 comes from … Continue reading

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Heads you win, Tails you lose.

Talking to pre and post sales support engineers at $BIGCOMPANY that we just spent $BIGMONEY on shiny new equipment is a bit like flipping a coin. Heads, they know their stuff and can help you out with best practices configuration … Continue reading

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Contains No Added Celeb Endorsements

Prints, cards and more

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MEANWHILE… (28 years ago on the Nymphstar Fleet BBS)

Long long ago, in a time before dial up internet, there was a BBS in Calgary, Alberta, called the Nymphstar. It ran on (to the best of my memory) an Apple ][, and had a 300 baud modem. The BBS … Continue reading

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Remember to breathe

Nikka Yukko Japanese Garden, 2016-09-24

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