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Asking for a friend

(source) Somehow I’m not surprised.

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Grizzled Veteran

I’ve been reading more and more about ageism in tech. Probably because I’ve reached a certain age milestone and also have been at my current employer 9 years (2x longer than any other job in my past). Ten to twenty-five … Continue reading

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Orbital Oscillations

Orbital Oscillations, aka Mid Life Crisis aka WTF am I doing. I find myself in a strange yet familiar space with my current job, career, life. Drifting along in comfortable orbital cycles of interest, disinterest, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, engagement, disengagement. I’m … Continue reading

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Protect your personal life from work

ProTip: Never allow work email or chat systems on your personal mobile devices. You won’t get sucked into ultimately non urgent work things if someone has to actually page or call you during out of office hours. That small barrier … Continue reading

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Work with people smarter than yourself

I saw this gem today when browsing company reviews on Glassdoor. You should consider critically how difficult you found the interview process, and what that might mean for the calibre of your peers if you accept an offer. What they … Continue reading

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