Tech Free Weekends

Failing here, posting this on a Sunday.

The idea is to give the brain a break to reset a bit before the start of the next online-all-day-for-work week starts.

Maybe I can modify this idea to be … no Internet Weekends.

Willpower lacking, I will have to do something drastic like set up time based internet access filters for my computer (and iPad, and phone) ip addresses in the home firewall. I wish there was a way to automatically on-device disable all not-phone-service functions on the iPhone during specific time windows as well, and then gives he override pin setting capability to my wife.

If I’m going to spend time on devices on the weekend, maybe being in disconnected mode will help me to create more.

I am sooooo far behind on cleaning up my photo library and processing new work, never mind going out to shoot more stuff. If I can’t waste time consuming things on the internet maybe that’ll drive me to create more than I’ve been able to do in the past year or more.

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