Less work, more fulfilling

I was lucky enough to be able to take the remaining vacation days I was entitled to this year, before the year ran out. Spent Dec 24 – Jan 3 away from the office and only peeked at email and company chat a few times.

There’s finally enough people on board to take care of enough things to enable me to go away for more than a few days without getting a panic telephone call. Then again, it’s usually my prone-to-panic manager who was always calling me and I think he’s been off dealing with his self induced panic attacks over the corporate restructuring that was announced just prior to christmas.

I can’t say that this is a perfect place to work, and I do have my grumblesmurf moments with them, but it is still worlds better than my previous gig.

Maybe this will be the year that I get caught up on documentation and can start to look for fun aspects of the work again. Maybe.

That being said, I am resolving this year to spend more time on family and self, less on work. Not letting myself get wound up by work things that ultimately don’t matter. It’s just a way to make $ to do the living things.

You say I need to have passion about my work? Nope. I’ve been on the bus to burnoutville the past few years and I need to step off at the next stop and start walking back.

Just need to structure my time, I think, or I’ll fall into the same old habits.

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