LinkedIn has jumped the shark


Having trouble reading that text? I certainly am… partly due to my eyes not being 100% but also the site isn’t respecting my browser’s minimum font size settings. You can’t even scale the fonts manually in the browser.

Want to know why? They are hard coding a 13 pixel wide font.

13 freaking pixels, on modern high resolution monitors is ridiculously small.

More info here

This recent change along with the opt-out process that requires everyone go into their profile and uncheck a box so that LinkedIn can not use your picture, name etc in advertising is really beginning to chafe my bits.

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  1. Trever says:

    Update: I checked it out with Firefox and IE on Windows XP. I can scale the fonts up and down in the browsers on XP just fine.

    Firefox and Safari on OS X can do.

    Smells like a developed-for-pc and tested-only-on-pc thing to me…

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