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Ask and yea shall receive

Firefox 3 download today — they are trying to break some stupid record for most downloads of a software product in one day. Well, pull something stupid like that and you’ll get what you deserve… a slammed site, probably isp’s … Continue reading

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Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

Inexplicably good stuff.

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A little off the top, please.

June 21, 1917. Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. “Signal Corps barber.” Click here to view larger size or order fine art print.

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Never talk to the police

Never talk to the cops Really, never talk to the cops.

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1937 Pontiac 224 Sedan hood ornament I love that I can shoot my own computer desktop/wallpaper. Very little processing done here, mostly just tweaking for highlight recovery in DXO Optics Pro.

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