What’s the hubub about twitter?

I must be getting old. I just don’t “get” twitter.

Oh, and btw, it doesn’t support OpenID. WTF?

Epic Fail for any web 2.0+ site that doesn’t support OpenID.

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3 Responses to What’s the hubub about twitter?

  1. arto says:

    I bet you don’t see the point in standing on a streetcorner and yelling things at passing cars, either. Things that can be expressed in 140 characters or less.

  2. arto says:

    (note to self: register “hubbub.com”, make billions)

  3. Trever says:

    Oh, so it’s high-tech tourettes with your underpants worn on the outside? 😛

    Wait, is this under 140 bytes? Damn.

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