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Referral Bonus

What’s that smell? Hello Team, I would like to bring to your attention that [redacted] offers an employee referral program. If you refer a person and he/she passes the three month probationary period, a bonus of $500 will be paid … Continue reading

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Missed the mark

Time for someone to come up with browser plugins to block ads on Facebook. Besides being terribly off-target with their ad placement, it’s just annoying as hell. We want our Web 2.0 social graph sites free as in beer and … Continue reading

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U.I. Design 101

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Live the life of luxury, maximize your use of Unemployment Insurance / Welfare

And here I thought Wally from Dilbert was my hero? This guy‘s bucking for the position now.

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Lazy java developers (or why I hate stack traces in logs)

This is an example of a successful imap login as seen in the mailbox.log in Zimbra. (one single line, though it is appearing word-wrapped here) 2008-05-18 01:10:24,999 INFO  [ImapSSLServer-2009] [;ip=;] imap – user authenticated, mechanism=login Compare what happens with a … Continue reading

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