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VMWare GuestOS id list

Today, I needed to come up with a definitive list of all VMWare GuestOS id’s for some software that will generate configuration files for various versions of VMWare ESX. I haven’t seen these listed in detail anywhere before. Google is … Continue reading

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Inexpensive != Quality

I was cleaning up some dupes in my email archives and stumbled onto a typical email situation for me : On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 3:39 PM, the president wrote: [ CC: security guy, ceo, ops manager, web developer … Continue reading

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LaLa Showers – Hi Res Still

Here’s a hi res still from the Lala Showers Video La La Showers – photo by Dr. Tiki [ view on flickr | view large ]

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Newspaper Reporters are grade school dropouts?

Alberta touts holidays at home Province launches $5.6M campaign Sean Myers, Calgary Herald Published: Friday, April 25, 2008 Posted gasoline prices reached $122.4 and even $125.9 at some service stations on Thursday. Facing that reality, many Calgarians are planning to … Continue reading

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Yahoo Ergonomics

What’s wrong with the following ? Is Yahoo promoting poor ergonomics and telling women they should use computers in a manner that will cause back issues, among other things?

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