By the Software, Install the Crack

If PACE Interlok actually WORKED, if people were NOT able to copy the software, if pirated versions of Native Gold Bundle WEREN’T distributed free as water on the net, then at LEAST someone at Waves could say, “it sucked, but it worked.”

But it DIDN’T! Within weeks of the commercial release of Native Gold Bundle 3.0, pirated versions of the software were available everywhere!

So all of my pain and suffering was for NOTHING! NOTHING! That’s what makes me so unbelievably ANGRY! It was all for NOTHING!

The situation is so farcical that the common practice is, “buy the software, but install the crack.” A large majority of people I know and respect have all done exactly that. They purchased the software, so that they own a license, but they installed the pirated version, and so avoided the copy protection altogether.

You might ask why someone would install the pirated version if they own the license. The answer is that the common wisdom is that the pirated version (which does not contain any traces of PACE Interlok) is more stable, and if you need to reinstall it, you don’t have to request a reauthorization from Waves.

So in the final analysis it’s a wash. PACE Interlok is ineffective at preventing software piracy.

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The image processing software I use also contains this PACE Interlok crapoloa and all of the issues I have had with the software revolve completely around the activation process, update process, and failure of these things to actually work reliably.

I don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on effective image processing software, really. I do mind when it contains copy protection software that fails to activate reliably, or at worst can destabilize the entire os.

Once I got thru the initial hurdles, DXO 4.5 does run well enough. I’m going to leave version 5 alone until they are up to at least 5.1 though. Lots of unrest on their forums over features that do not work, stability, and of course the wonderful drm hiccups.

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