Mysteries of the Dark Forest

A few images I captured from my parent’s acreage this past weekend. There’s all manner of things and beasts in amongst the trees.

Mysteries of the Dark Forest 1

Mysteries of the Dark Forest 2

Mysteries of the Dark Forest 3

Mysteries of the Dark Forest 4

Mysteries of the Dark Forest 5

Mysteries of the Dark Forest 6

Mysteries of the Dark Forest 7

Mysteries of the Dark Forest 8

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Doorways to Yesteryear


I took a short trip to a fairly out of the way location in southern Alberta this past weekend to see this massive rusting pile of cars that has been accumulated over many decades. There’s opportunities out the wazoo for an photography project there.

I shall return for a more in depth exploration at a future date.

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Down another rabbit hole I go

I’ve been putting off getting my own art printer for ages now. It was good enough to visit a friend and print on his Epson 3880 whilst kibitzing and having a beer. Since moving to a new city last year, I’ve not had this kind of opportunity to print and so I finally caved and got the very exact same printer. (Both for familiarity with use and pleased with it’s capabilities).


First test print came off beautifully. Sure, I have some re-learning and tweaking to do, but it’s a great start.

Next up, getting a dust cover to keep the dust and spiders and whatnot out of the works…

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Authorized Phishing Test

Just wanted to check that you all had conducted an authorized phishing test from JIRA File Shares, which if you did I full admit to failing.

Can you send me the screen shot that appeared after the link was clicked? I didn’t want to re-click in case this wasn’t a legit test.


Of course you failed. The only correct response was to delete the email.

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(Re)Enter the Matrix


Hello. It’s been a while.

After moving from Calgary to Lethbridge last April, I was more than a bit preoccupied with everything that followed on from that. This included getting a new server to replace the very long in the tooth Nitix box that the old blog used to run on.

I had some fun upgrading it all the way from WordPress 2.0.10 (circa 2007) to 4.1.1 but it seems to be working. Yes, I ran that ancient of a version of WordPress and never got hacked. I had locked down everything necessary, or was lucky, or both.

Pardon the construction mess. Mind your head.

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